It was the early nineteenth century, a time when healthcare and medicines were practically unknown to the small farming communities. Epidemics and disease played havoc in day to day life and Pappy Vaidyar as a young man, was pained by the suffering of society. He committed his life to the alleviation of the agony he observed.

After his primary schooling in Ochira ended, Pappy Vaidyar enrolled in a gurukula near Kayamkulam where he commenced his learning of the world of Ayurveda. He was one of the blessed students of his Guru.

Vaidyar truly believed that divine intervention played a role in his becoming an Ayurvedic physician. As a young boy, he would travel long journeys on foot from Ochira. On such a day, he stopped for the night at a 'vazhiyambalam', a roadside travel shelter. As he slept, he dreamt of an aged horseback rider, who requested him to move on to another place to rest that night. It later came to be known that the shelter was ambushed that particular night.
Pappy Vaidyar maintained that it was St. George, the patron saint to many Keralites, who came in his dream to save him from what could have been life threatening.

Thus Bipha Drug Laboratories was founded in 1929 as SGA Pharmacy, an abbreviation for St. George Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

His name rapidly gained reknown as a very gifted physician, and he provided yeomen service to the patients within Ochira and later on to the Central Travancore region. True to his commitment, Pappy Vaidyar was never known to charge any fee for consultancy from the very beginning of his service to his final days. The number of accolades he received for his contribution to Ayurveda, including blessings from Pope John Paul II made no difference to who he was.

It is to these ideals, philosophies and principles set by Pappy Vaidyar that Bipha Drug Laboratories remains committed, even today and they remain the foundation stones of the organization.
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