Bipha is backed by an efficient sales and distribution network which delivers our products and services on time everytime.

Our customers are our biggest assets and guides our future through constant feedbacks.
The company has a dedicated team for customer care and support who respond to queries, collects and analyses feedback on routine basis.
Bipha Drug Laboratories is now a globally recognised company, significantly functioning in 14 countries, spanning Asia, Europe and the US. Years of international exposure has provided us with a more empathetic approach to individual customer needs as well as a superior knowledge of regulatory requirements across various countries. As a result, Bipha Drug Laboratories enjoys the entire spectrum of business relationships, from buyer seller contacts to strategic partnerships. A strong network of partnerships with leading distributors ensures that Bipha Drug Laboratories’s success is a continuous process.

International product registration and technical support 

Bipha has a state-of-the-art technical department, well versed with the regulatory requirements and procedures required for the manufacture and sale of herbal products in various countries. 

The department provides product dossiers, clinical trial data, technical data, and offers support in preparation of marketing literature and technical promotional materials.

Bipha has product registrations in Malaysia under traditional medicine preparations. The company is in the process of obtaining product registrations in Muscat, Yemen, Vietnam, Iran, Germany and Russia.

Strong Domestic sales and distribution network

Bipha also has a strong sales and distribution network with in India in four
product verticals delivering the entire portfolio of the company

Corporate social responsibility

Bipha is actively committed to fulfill its social and ecological obligations . The company has an active Corporate Social responsibility programmes covering socio economic spheres.

Ecological commitment

All herbs and ingredients used in our medicines are grown organically and every effort is taken to ensure that they are collected without damaging the ecosystem.

Bipha believes in replenishing unconditionally any resource that we have taken from Nature. Saplings of medicinal herbs are distributed to farmers and assistance in their planting and cultivation is provided wherever required and their produce is bought back when they reach maturity.

The biodegradable waste of extracts are converted to organic fertilizers which is utilized for the herb farming.

Bipha is in active progression of obtaining compliance to environmental certification ISO 14001.

Social commitment

The social initiatives of Bipha is carried out under the umbrella of Pappy Vaidyan Foundation.
Bipha routinely conducts medical camps and health awareness programmes in various areas through which routine health checks are conducted. Medicines are provided free of cost and the medical support is extended to needy patients. Bipha has constantly strived to improve the quality of life for the general public.

Ethical Practices

Ethics is a way of life at Bipha. Bipha maintains high ethical standards in business practices. All products are promoted only ethically to practitioners.

Global Presence
in 14 countries spanning
3 continents
Bipha has a strong global sales and distribution presence spanning Asia, Europe and the US. Currently the company has presence across 14 countries in the world and has forged strong partnerships with leading distributors.