State-of-the-art facilities, dedicated personnel and a constant urge to excel makes Bipha the front runner in many fields. Strict adherence to quality, focus on research and development and a commitment to values have won us many admirers and awards. Our facilities are constantly being upgraded to exceed national and international norms.

Innovate, discover and to develop new methodologies, processes, products which enables us to improve the quality of health and enhance happiness to all our stakeholders.


Manufacturing Facilities
The automated unit of Bipha was set up way back in 1945 to manufacture pharmaceutical formulations in Industrial Estate, Ettumanoor. With the introduction of Kashaya tablets in 1971, the plant was upgraded to suit the need of patented ayurvedic formulations. The production process at Bipha is a culmination of deep-rooted expertise in traditional medication with the precision of cutting edge pharmaceutical technology. Great care is taken to ensure batch-to-batch consistency of products. Automated machines handle the entire process of punching, coating and filling ensuring explicit accuracy and hygiene.

Quality Assurance
The products from Bipha undergo validation tests for conformance to International quality parameters. The products are validated for compliance with internationally accepted ingredients, materials, colours, and excipients Bipha is probably one of the very companies complying to EU standards of food which is one of the most stringent standards for herbal products.

Research and Development
Innovation is a core philosophy of Bipha since its inception. The founding philosophy of the company is the guiding force of our efforts in the R&D area. Bipha was instrumental in the development of many path breaking products, segments and technologies which are today benchmarks to the Ayurvedic industry.