The products from Bipha undergo validation tests for conformance to International quality parameters. The products are validated for compliance with internationally accepted ingredients, materials, colours, and excipients Bipha is probably one of the very companies complying to EU standards of food which is one of the most stringent standards for herbal products.

Innovate, discover and to develop new methodologies, processes, products which enables us to improve the quality of health and enhance happiness to all our stakeholders.

Process Validation 
Bipha holds process patents for manufacture of kashaya tablets and has evolved an in house proprietary technology for manufacture of herbal solid dosage formulations . Bipha adopts a patented technology to enhance active concentration and enable dosage compaction with maximum efficacy.


Bipha manufactures products from standardized raw materials exacted to predetermined levels of concentration. Products are checked for compliance at various levels of production to ensure compliance to standards. The above system enables uniformity and batch to batch consistency of products.

Clinical trials 

Bipha conducts routine clinical trials for its products and has so far conducted 12 clinical trials in association with leading institutions to validate product claims.