Innovation is a core philosophy of Bipha since its inception. The founding philosophy of the company is the guiding force of our efforts in the R&D area. Bipha was instrumental in the development of many path breaking products, segments and technologies which are today benchmarks to the Ayurvedic industry. 

Innovate, discover and to develop new methodologies, processes, products which enables us to improve the quality of health and enhance happiness to all our stakeholders.


Bipha was one of the first Ayurvedic company to develop patent Ayurvedic formulations in 1940.

New product developments, the core of innovation..

The first patent formulation ‘Blood in Draksha’ was launched in 1940.

The R&D efforts of Bipha achieved path breaking success in 1971, through the development of Ayurvedic Kashaya (liquid herbal decoctions) tablet formulations. 

Bipha achieved a milestone in the history of Ayurveda through the development of Kashaya tablets which one it accolades among practitioners and industry alike.

Product leadership 

Bipha is the pioneer and leader in the Kashaya tablet segment and has the widest range of Ayurvedic kashaya tablet formulations. 

Bipha is a leader in patent Ayurvedic formulations in India with over 200 licensed patent formulations in its portfolio. 

Bipha has successfully undertaken product development projects in association with its international partners based on the requirements of the international market .

Our R&D efforts are currently focused on Quality Assurance.