Bipha health services is the dedicated division of Bipha focused on promotion and setting up of Ayurvedic Centres and Spas worldwide.
Bipha synchronizes its expertise in Hospitality and Ayurveda to set up and operate Ayurvedic Spas of International standards.

We are committed to discover and to deliver affordable, safe, effective healthcare products and services worldwide, conforming to International benchmarks, quality standards and customer requirements.

The objective of this intiative is to provides authentic rejuvenate and curative therapies customized to meet global customer expectations and aims to be the global leader in Ayurvedic health care in the next future.

Bipha Heath Services offers
Joint Ventures to set up Ayurvedic centres and stand alone day/destination Spas abroad

Supports in conceptualization, design and setting up of Ayurvedic Spas
Offers Technical and manpower consultancy services to set up and operate Ayurvedic Centres
Offers Training and continuous staff support services as part of the programme
Provides all necessary equipment and supplies required for Ayurvedic Spas
Provides operational support on a continuous basis for the successful operation of the Ayurvedic Spas
Offers branding support to make these centers visible and distinctive
Partner us
Bipha offers consultancy to setup and run Ayurvedic Health Centres and Spas by providing the necessary equipment, medicines, training and even qualified personnel.