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Pratika is a natural shampoo made from Hibiscus leaves. The antioxidants in hibiscus leaves stimulate hair growth and replenish hair strength to make it wonderfully silky and lustrous.

Naturally cleanses and conditions hair
Helps to reduce hair fall and promotes hair growth
Protects scalp from itching and dryness
Can be safely used by both adults and children for daily scalp cleansing

Directions of Use: Take 2 teaspoons of powder and mix it with water to make a paste. Divide your hair into small sections and apply the paste evenly on your scalp. Secure your hair into a bun and cover your head with a shower cap. After 10 minutes, rinse the pack off using just water. You can use the hair pack once a week and make it a permanent part of your hair care routine to ensure hair health.
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